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I can't recall anyone being sniffy about the change from the Diaclone stuff to the '86 and up toys, more that you were seen as a bit juvenile if you were still interested in toys at secondary school level (11+) when everyone was trying terribly hard to be grown up.
That's something I remember all too well. I certainly wasn't telling anyone that I still played with my Transformers when I was in grade seven or eight. Junior high was shitty enough as it was.

But I definitely remember looking down in scorn on future generations of Transformers toys after I...well, not really "grew out of it", since if I'd done that I wouldn't be here. After I stopped following the new stuff, though. So post Beast Wars. I had nothing but disdain for Beast Machines and especially RiD (which committed the cardinal sin of being anime) in my teens and even after I joined the online fandom it took years to stop reflexively hating them.

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In terms of Pretenders, if we're looking at an interactive play pattern, then I think you'd probably more likely see a Legion scale inner-robot which could switch between Deluxe/ Voyager/ Leader 'Shells'. For Deluxes, I think some kind of action figure with a cavity the Legion robot can plug into would work - I'd be thinking some sort of Micromaster styled robot with the same basic size whether its a jet/ car/ boat/ tank - and Voyagers having a transforming shell with Leaders having some sort of Mega-Pretender / Base function going on. That would work.
I just don't see them doing shells that don't transform. Even though it would be accurate to the source material, it's also the one part of the source material that was almost universally reviled, and I'd have to think they'd try to find a way around it. But who knows, maybe they could find a way to make it work?

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Its served up the same basic core characters in the Deluxe size class, just repainted. There is no one size class that you can collect all the characters in with guys like Fracture and Springarm having to make do with One Step or those weird Launder figures. There's Legion scaled figures with again figures only available in that scale, plus slightly larger Legion toys with clip on armour. Then you've got Mini-Con's that automorph into animals and robots into...a thing the Deluxe toys can use, with some dayglo add ons, and these things seem to vastly outnumber the of larger robots that can utilise them. There's no voyagers to speak of, instead there are huge, simplistic Leader Class One / Three Step changers which seem to be a tough sell for the price they're asking. The nadir of these is the 50 Bumblebee toy which has Legion-levels of articulation/ transformation and seems to be appealing to the same market that buys those preposterous 3ft 'Big Figures'. Its basically the equivalent of having Duplo and Creator Lego targeted at the same groups and based on the shelves full of this stuff, it doesn't much appeal to the demographics its targeting. In the stores I've got in my area, only the Deluxes seem to shift (and only when they're on sale with a significant discount). Which just goes to show, a line with a bit of thought and focus will do better than one that wont.
It's the same story here. The RiD stuff suffers a bit from the same problem as AoE did, in that I can't tell at a glance whether I'm looking at a toy that's supposed to be for a three year old or an eight year old. So I'm never entirely sure what I'm looking at. But as best as I can tell the Deluxeish figures sell okay here, though not as well as the nicer-looking and often-cheaper Generations figures. The One-Steps and gimmick figures not so much, as that seems to be the only stuff left on store shelves at times and I never notice those pegs being empty.

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I never owned a Headmaster, Targetmaster, etc. my entire childhood, yet I am completely captivated by the Titans Return line. No nostalgia is playing any part in my enjoyment of these Transformers. Figures like Skullcruncher and Triggerhappy are flat-out fun, and I don't mind the really odd (to me) stuff on the shelves like Mindwipe and Weirdwolf. I don't know if it's totally collectors around me, but these are selling well around here when on 'discount'.
No Targetmasters? What a dreary childhood that must have been!

But I'm glad to hear that the figures have an appeal even to folks that didn't grow up with those characters and that design style!
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