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It's the same story here. The RiD stuff suffers a bit from the same problem as AoE did, in that I can't tell at a glance whether I'm looking at a toy that's supposed to be for a three year old or an eight year old. So I'm never entirely sure what I'm looking at. But as best as I can tell the Deluxeish figures sell okay here, though not as well as the nicer-looking and often-cheaper Generations figures. The One-Steps and gimmick figures not so much, as that seems to be the only stuff left on store shelves at times and I never notice those pegs being empty.
I would imagine the multiple 'styles' of the same figures is really confusing, especially for an uninformed parent (I'm an informed parent, so I know exactly what I'm looking for). Matter of fact I picked up 1 step Strongarm for my daughter this Christmas.

As far as I can tell around here, the less expensive stuff sells much faster than the others, so the 1-3 Step ones go a little bit quicker (just by price). It seems like Hasbro is trying to cater to too wide an age range, so their solution is to just offer the same characters with different levels of complexity. Sounds good on paper, but on store pegs it appears as a never ending display of options. *Loses patience: "Oh forget it, I'll just pick up the cheap one."

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No Targetmasters? What a dreary childhood that must have been!
Seems like it, doesn't it? Actually it was pretty good. On the Transformers side I had the likes of Devastator, OP, Cyclonus, etc., and I was six, so I probably didn't care . A couple weeks ago I made an attempt to count the TF's I had back then (what I could remember) and I think I had an even number of Transformers and GoBots, oddly.

I also had a ginormous amount of He-Man and GI Joe figures too, so I was set no matter what!

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"Power of the Primes" purportedly...
You beat me to that!

No idea what Power of the Primes is going to mean though.

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