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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Would be really up for the third bit of the Combiner Wars / Titans Return / ??? being Pretenders...
I'm hopeful. If not the next line, then I think there's a good chance of the idea being revisited some time soon.

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As far as I can tell around here, the less expensive stuff sells much faster than the others, so the 1-3 Step ones go a little bit quicker (just by price). It seems like Hasbro is trying to cater to too wide an age range, so their solution is to just offer the same characters with different levels of complexity. Sounds good on paper, but on store pegs it appears as a never ending display of options. *Loses patience: "Oh forget it, I'll just pick up the cheap one."
You know what? I'm a fan and even I've had that problem. I wanted a Generations Strafe when the AoE stuff was out, and for months on end whenever I'd walk through a toy section I'd have to take a look at the pile of different Strafes on offer because even I couldn't tell just by looking at the packaging whether it was the one I wanted or not (it never was).

I just can't understand how confusing customers like that can possibly be a good marketing call, but then they went ahead and did exactly the same thing with RiD. You'd think they'd make an effort to make it clear via the packaging what was what, with different colours or something, but the only thing differentiating them that I can see is a tiny bit of text saying "Three step" for the simpler toys. Otherwise the packaging design is identical. The one-steps at least seem to be packed in alt-mode, so that's an easy distinction to look for once you know it, but it really doesn't help any parents who are shopping.

Originally Posted by ganon578 View Post
No idea what Power of the Primes is going to mean though.
With a name like that, hopefully it means they'll finally make a new Rodimus Prime!
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