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Had Goldbug - sold him off. The whole thing just didn't work for me. Kind of surprised they never used the old Classics 'Bee mold for a Goldbug in the CHUG lines. That would have fit far better.
Classics 'Bee could have been retooled into a ton of characters that they never touched, starting with Goldbug and three of the other Throttlebots. It's a shame it never happened, since that's a great mold.

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Been digging through all of my stuff since my boy is into Rescue Bots right now. I really like Gen Black Shadow, even though I have zero nostalgia for him.
Never liked Black Shadow, myself. He just seems so much plainer than Thunderwing, and honestly that's just not a very good mold to start with. I'd love for both of them to get a big, modern figure with the Mega Pretender gimmick intact, though.

My son has been going through an "I want to play with daddy's robots!" phase, so I went digging through all my old stuff as well. I was actually surprised to find how few of the Generations figures I've got on hand are at all appropriate for a little kid to play with, though (and my sister's kids have most of my Unicron Trilogy stuff). The older stuff is all so complex and fiddly, with small parts likely to pop off and go in his mouth.

One of the toys I did grab for him, though, was Generations Hoist, on the logic that he's not likely to fall apart in his hands. And also because Hoist's hands flip into his wrists, and that's all my little guy actually seems to want to do with the toys so far.

I never liked Hoist because of the tiny head, but it did inspire me to dig out Trailbreaker for myself, who I remembered liking. I...don't so much like him anymore. The torso transformation is frustrating as heck and any time I try to move the arms he starts to untransforms himself. The robot mode also looks really bland with all the washed-out red on it. Suffice to say, he got tossed back in the tote less than half an hour after I hauled him out. Maybe my boy can have him too after he inevitably destroys poor Hoist.

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Uni Cyclonus is fantastic. Just an absolutely ace figure.
I'd actually forgotten how many little things on this toy frustrate me, but after having him out on my desk for a few months it's coming back. The shoulders don't pop in as securely as they should, the back end of the jet mode is really messy, Nightstick doesn't really clip into his wrist the way he's supposed to, I don't like one hand being a molded fist and they were painfully stingy with the paint. It's a fun figure, and a pretty one, but not as much of either as it should have been.

I also pulled out his wavemate Hound, who I recall loving, but again the actual figure doesn't match up to the memories I had. It looks great, and is a really nice mix of toy and cartoon aesthetics. But you can't pose it at all. His thighs are shorter than the thickness of his feet (!) so he looks silly if you bend his knees, and his hips are insanely loose. So posing him is basically restricted to how far apart you want his feet and how you want his arms positioned. He's also got paint wear everywhere, most notably on the clear-blue windshield section but also on his arms and legs. He's nowhere near as cool a toy as I remember. A nice shelf piece but not something I'm going to look forward to playing with again.
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