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I am going to respond to the questions, so we're on a level playing field.

Photo 1 was taken on the floor, white light above it, flat black cardboard behind it.

Photo 2 was taken on a bed, just background light, flat black cardboard behind it.

Equipment used: Canon Elph 160 powershot

The reason why I prefer to use a digital camera is since it takes photos in higher resolutions, which means while say at 2 feet a photo sucks due to glare, while at 5 there is none and it looks great.

Both of them were laying on the materiel in question. If I go to reshoot, I am toying (pardon the pun) of going horizontal, same background, possible swap to white. I can also get a white light on it, so all the colors come out more pure.

Denyer, the big problem with daylight is I am in the northern hemisphere, right now daylight is at a premium, so I've got to adopt.
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