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I'll clear things up (no harm)

What I mean by white light is that some lights in my home have a certain tint to the light. While a few others are pure white, as in they have no tint. Does that clear things up?

My bed for the most part is flat, which is why I view it as an acceptable surface to take photos on.

Just so everyone realizes something, when this poll expires, I will either go back to work or say Astrotrain, roll on out!

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
When you say 2 was taken on a bed, are you holding the camera? I don't think that Elph/Ixus has any built-in stabilisation, so photos in low light without a tripod or the camera being on a hard surface and not knocked when snapping would be difficult to salvage afterwards.

"White light above" = ceiling light? Softer light works better - eg, a desk lamp with some cloth, a piece of paper or frosted plastic over it.

It does look like that model allows you to set the white balance and ISO manually, which added to having the camera steady in the first place should make a decent difference even if there's no manual control over the exposure.

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