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TR Bumblebee: Yesterday, I got fitted for contacts after not wearing them for a few years. The really odd thing is I got a better description of how my eyes are doing from the place that did the contact fitting than my actual eye exam(looks like I need reading glasses soon..... Scrud I'm getting old). What they didn't give me was sunglasses so my eyes could readjust, so on my way home I hit Walmart to get some sunglasses. And while there, I found Bumblebee. Despite his really weird upper arms, I really like this figure. He hangs together better in vehicle mode than Wheelie does, and you can completely ignore his being a vehicle for Titan Masters.

As a professional tanuki (I'm a Japanese mythological animal, and a good luck charm), I have an alarm clock built into me somewhere. I also look like a stuffed animal. And you thought your life was tough......

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