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Default Titans Return character claims

If you're interested in giving this a go, this is where you need to post the characters you want to play.

A few basic rules:
  • You can claim up to six characters.
  • Since this a Titans Return RPG, we'd prefer it if you chose some Titans Returns characters (or characters in other lines whose figures were based on TR molds, like Combiner Wars Buzzsaw or Legends Ginrai). You can find a list of all the figures released in the toyline here.
  • If you want to play a character that isn't in the Titans Return line, that's okay, but they need to be reinvented in a way that suits the gimmick of the line. If you're doing this, be sure to get the okay from staff for the character you want before you play them.
  • Make a post for your character in the Character Profiles subforum when you've got the chance.

Cerebros & Emissary (Blackjack)
Chromedome & Stylor (Heinrad)
Doublecross, Leo & Haywire (optimusskids)
Ginrai & Nightbeat (Heinrad)
Hardhead & Furos (Warcry)
Hot Rod, Firedrive & Maxx (Heinrad)
Ironhide (Heinrad)
Optimus Prime & Diac (Blackjack)
Perceptor & Convex (Blackjack)
Sentinel Prime & Infinitus (tahukanuva)

Astrotrain & Darkmoon (Blackjack)
Black Shadow & Ominus (tahukanuva)
Deathsaurus & Esmeryl (tahukanuva)
Fangry (Heinrad)
Full-Tilt & Necro (Warcry)
Grit (optimusskids)
Megatron & Doomshot (Warcry)
Mindwipe & Vorath (Warcry)
Misfire & Aimless (Warcry)
Sixshot & Revolver (Blackjack)
Weirdwolf & Monzo (optimusskids)

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