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I've only got turned onto them recently, Rhinox really caught my eye and he's fab. Terrorsaur is also pretty cool, but the colours are a bit mental. I'd given the Armada recolours short shirft, but I remembered you had such good things to say about Predacon that I thought I'd check them out.

Armada Cheetor has some nice colours on the go, and he's on my list along with Airrazor, but I might have to wait a bit see if some cheaper loose versions show up.

Picked up a Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap Fox Kids Variant and he's pretty rad looking too. All orangey-red and bruise purple with bits of lime. I think I might like it a little more than the original (well, especially my original which has shed all the chrome from the tail whip).

Waiting on Predacon turning up, which I'm looking forward too...
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