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Armada Predacon w/ Side Burn and Skid-z

Yeah, Predacon is awesome. The robot mode looks excellentin redish brown and dark green. The beast mode has a nice mix of dark green and gunmetal grey going on, but I'm really not mad keen on that wishy-washy pale green used for the beast mode head and toes. I notice that waist joint on Predacon is much more solid and ratchety than on BW TM Megs, which suggests that the waist mechanism on that earlier toy wasn't as durable as needed to be.

The two little Mini-Cons are actually pretty cool. They have surprisingly complex transformations for figures of this size (which inevitably leads to some joints popping off as there's basically Deluxe Class engineering crammed into a 2" figure). They look dumb as rocks plugged into Predacon, but I kind of like them.
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