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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I feel like saying something about buying toys you know you're not going to like, but then I just bought that Hot Rod, so...
Oh, I don't mind Badcube so much. They're sturdy with good sculpts, but they're just far (far) more complicated than they need to be in most instances.

Getting something in vehicle mode and cycling through to be rewarded with the robot mode is part and parcel of the TF experience, obvs... But I hadn't realised just how much I wasn't in the mood to deal with Badcube's engineering until I cracked open that box and saw him already in robot mode.

Will probably tackle the transformation at the weekend, but oh lordy the relief at knowing it's optional. Actually tangible.

I mean it's Gears FFS. Nobody's ever bought a Gears toy because they really want Gears. He's the definition of "rounding out the set".
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