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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Can't fathom spending third-party prices
Third party prices aren't really that much different to the legit stuff at the moment, to be honest. At least over here, anyway. Kapow's listings currently have Ironhide at 70, Anime Alert is 60, Primal is 90, Cheetor is up for preorder at 70, Grapple preorder is 130. The reissue cassette two-packs are 40.

Fanstoys' version of Skyfire is 180. Masterpiece Megatron is 170.

Badcube's Gears was 55. I can cope with that in context. Plus it's not like it's XTB - this is a sturdy piece with a decent number of parts and a transformation that'll likely take a week to get through. I may even grow to tolerate it.

My main collecting goal at the moment is to have the season 1/2 cast represented in the same scale. I'd be stunned if Takara aren't following Inferno/Grapple/Artfire with Trailbreaker and Hoist in that size point... the MP-39 Jazz rumour's been swirling for a while, so I'm in no rush to go out and grab any of the 3P versions of those characters.

Buuut I've not seen anything to indicate that Takara are planning any of the Minibots. The release schedule is currently slowed down a bit, so it's not really a hardship to plug the gap with the occasional smaller 3P piece. If Takara do trot these guys out, I can't imagine they'll be much cheaper (given the current economic state) and if they don't... well the secondary market price is going to be even more ridiculous.

I figure that so long as I play the waiting game for Takara to do the guys they'll almost certainly do, I can justify plugging the Minibots/Dinobots/Skyfire gap with 3P. Even if it involves buying the shit guys like Gears and whichever your favourite one is.

Doubt I'll ever be able to justify forking out for FansToy's version of Omega Supreme.

I also flogged off my TFC Hades and what there was of the Fansproject Dinoking, so my outlay on this dude is covered.
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