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Third party prices aren't really that much different to the legit stuff at the moment, to be honest. At least over here, anyway. Kapow's listings currently have Ironhide at 70, Anime Alert is 60, Primal is 90, Cheetor is up for preorder at 70, Grapple preorder is 130. The reissue cassette two-packs are 40.

Fanstoys' version of Skyfire is 180. Masterpiece Megatron is 170.

Badcube's Gears was 55. I can cope with that in context. Plus it's not like it's XTB - this is a sturdy piece with a decent number of parts and a transformation that'll likely take a week to get through. I may even grow to tolerate it.
After doing a bit of quick research, your Gears would probably cost me $120 bucks after taxes and shipping, which is a good slice more than the last official MP car that I bought (Blue Bluestreak a couple years back was less than $100 all in, and was a bit pricier than usual because of the limited run). So there's still a price gap here, especially since Gears is probably closer to Bumblebee-sized.

But then I wouldn't spend official MP prices for a Gears figure either, so I'm obviously not the target demographic. Gears is in "maybe spend $10 on a Legends figure if it looks really nice" territory for me at best.

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My main collecting goal at the moment is to have the season 1/2 cast represented in the same scale.
Looking for scale in Transformers is the quest of a madman, but I hope you can put together what you need.

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Even if it involves buying the shit guys like Gears and whichever your favourite one is.
My favourites are mostly from '88 and '89, I don't think they qualify here.

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Inches? Yards? I thought most of you all were in Canada and the UK! USE THE METRIC SYSTEM!!!

Leave the non-sensical measurement systems to us Americans!
Sorry to burst your bubble, but nobody uses the metric system for anything here other than liquid volumes, and even then only because our gas and beverages are sold by the litre. No one in Canada uses centimetres or kilograms or kilopascals or whatever the hell else unless we're forced to.

It's kind of hard to indoctrinate new generations into using a different system than their parents when everything in the real world is build using Imperial measurements, from roads to cars to houses to sports equipment to staplers.

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Also was out during my lunch today and found TR Kickback and TR Gnaw! Holy crap are these guys fun!!! Haven't transformed Kickback yet, but his robot mode is awesome. Gnaw is such a chubby little guy in both modes I can't get enough of him.
Gnaw looks super fun. I may not be able to resist the urge to buy a small school of them.

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The length depends on the size of your screen surely?
That was the joke.
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