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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
But then I wouldn't spend official MP prices for a Gears figure either, so I'm obviously not the target demographic. Gears is in "maybe spend $10 on a Legends figure if it looks really nice" territory for me at best.
The MP-scale bracket is pretty much the only TF line I buy now. It's easier for me to justify when I'm not weighing it up against "or I could buy two hollow Titan Master deluxes" or whatever.

Or I can fund it by not buying fourth-tier Marvel Legends figures

Looking for scale in Transformers is the quest of a madman, but I hope you can put together what you need.
Robot mode scale is the key. Across alt modes? Never going to happen. The fact that scale regularly got ignored in the cartoon doesn't help. but it comes down to "yeah, close enough" at the end of the day.

It's kind of hard to indoctrinate new generations into using a different system than their parents when everything in the real world is build using Imperial measurements, from roads to cars to houses to sports equipment to staplers.
Yeah, most people over here exist in a weird hybrid state where we're taught in metric at school, but our parents are still conditioned in imperial, so we flit back and forth between both systems depending on context. It's like being bilingual in a way.

I tend to think mostly in imperial. Our speed limits are all marked out in mph, road signs give distances in miles... football pitches are marked out in yards... people give heights in feet/inches. Metric is only really used if I have to sit down and measure something, as mm is more precise than fractions of an inch. Beer is sold in pints/halves, but if you're buying something pre-bottled then it's measured in litres. Petrol is priced in litres too, though people still talk in miles/gallon when discussing fuel consumption.

So yeah, metric is theoretically the default, but most of us actually USE imperial. Apart from when it comes to temperature. Because the fahrenheit scale is a nonsense system created by lunatics.
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