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Question Robotic Capabilities.

Hello Fellow TRANSFORMER Fans and Tech Fanatics:

How have you all been in 2017 already? Are any of your New Year's Resolutions coming to fruit yet? As for me, I am STILL trying to bring mine of Health and of Wealth to fruit. Anyway, what would you want your personal robot to do other than walk, talk and/or perform various tasks/chores - provided that it/he/she is Three Laws Compliant and may or may not be a shapechanging robot? Here is my list, which includes - but is not necessarily limited to - the following:

1. Performing calculations faster than the speed of light (Of course, this an ESSENTIAL for all modern and sophisticated CPU technology!)
2. Has a vast database on all matters concerning STEM - along with trade/commerce/business (Real Estate, NYSE, TYSE, etc.), (Motor/Team) Sports, Politics, History, etc. (Of course!)
3. Proficiency and fluency in just about every computer language in the World (Of course!)
4. Ability to build/construct/repair/maintain/operate/yield/utilize/control other devices, machines, utilities, (power) tools, weapons (with precise targeting graphics), (measuring/musical) instruments, entire structures, bathroom fixtures, household appliances, etc. (Of course!)
5. Performing chores/tasks in a very rapid, whirlwind-style fashion
6. Electrostatic/Nanotechnological (alien-style) cybertracking and hacking (Megatron with Chip Chase's home desktop computer)
7. Databases of all World currencies ($ and ), weights and measures along with their conversion charts
8. Databases of the Periodic Table of All Known Elements (Chemistry and Physics) and Biotaxonomy (Scientific Classification of all Known Organic Lifeforms) for zoology and biology
9. Forcefield or shield like Trailbreaker
10. Nuclear energy (uranium, plutonium, garbage and trash as nucleur fuel), solar energy and Wi-Fi capabilities
11. Invisibility (Mirage) and/or self-cloaking
12. Being able to fly by using MORPHABLE rocket feet (TRANSFORMERS, GOBOTS, MIGHTY ORBOTS, ASTROBOY)
13. Temporal displacement (or time travel) and teleportation - like Skywarp
14. Expert gambling/betting/wagering on horse racing and other sports, in casinoes and for lottery jackpot ticket winnings
15. Acting as a telephone transmitter with a built-in database log of all numerical/email/Internet contacts
16. Liteweight medical/nursing assistance - such as lifting and carrying me whenever I am unable to walk - along with an embedded heart rate monitor, glucose meter, blood pressure guage, etc.
17. Changing voice patterns and speaking different alien/Human languages (C3PO communicating with the Ewoks) as well
18. Assisting me in my hobbies: Cuckoo clocks, music boxes, playing chess and my upcoming comic/manga publishing press
19. All types of gameplaying: Computer/Video games, classic games like chess and checkers, card games, MAGICK: THE GATHERING, Milton-Bradley board games, RPGs, etc.
20. Generating holographic imagery (aka hardlight constructs) from the Internet, television, cablevision and/or any replayed videos from the "eyes" (Optimus Prime/Hound/R2D2/BB-8!)
21. Ability to drive/steer/pilot any spacecraft, aircraft, marine vessel and/or transportation, fly, glide, DIVE, surf, waterski, waterboard, sail, parasail, swim, paddle, row, pick a lock (*security issue*), open or close any TIGHTLY SEALED containers/cans/bottles, exercise, jog, run, sprint, jump, bounce, talk/sing/whistle (with TRANSFORMER-style reverberations), read, write, print, draw, paint, snowski, snowboard, rollerskate, skateboard, skateblade, rollerblade, swing, slide, COOK, CLEAN, run, handle livestock (and other animals), farm, plow, garden, mow, walk, climb, crawl, dance, play musical instruments, grin (to a certain degree), etc.
22. Embedded RF detector, radar and GPS/GOOGLE Maps/MapQuest (of course), along with assisting in Human grooming (Hair cutting and trimming)
23. Possessing BRUTE strengh and being able to write/compose music
24. Serving as a mobile capacitor and alternative power source (Electro-style or via cords and plugs) for other devices and machines
25. Serving as mobile stereo equipment or an adaptable media center for all types of (current/obsolete) equipment - such as radio, television, cablevision, cylindrical phonograph audiorecords, vinyl turntable discs, 8-track tapes, audiocassettes, DVDs, videocassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, flash/bus drives, etc.
26. Embedded chronometer(s) and timepiece(s) such as calendars and clocks - complete with Global Time Zone and Daylite Savings Time changeabilities - along with ASTROCHRONOLOGICAL capabilities (T:TSCC-"Self-Made Man")
27. Embedded barometer (On/Off) and weather vane (Meteorology)
28. Internal seismograph (On/Off) and magnetic compass - Geology, Geography, Seismology and Vulcanology
29. Diverse vision formats - Standard, vectorgraphic, infrared, thermographic, spectralvisual (ROY G. BIV), X-Ray (Yikes!), CARTOONIVISUAL (animation styles ranging from Mainframe to Filmation), etc.
30. Along with being 3 Laws Compliant, (Human) user-friendly, vet-friendly, family-friendly and even pet-friendly whenever and wherever needed, robot must also be SUBSERVIENT, OBEDIENT, intelligent, responsible, generous, kind, polite, courteous, helpful, etc.

That's all that I can think of for right now. Do any of you have any other additional ideas? Thanks for your input!


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