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Science Lab, Nemesis

"Blah, vhy do you disturb my meditations?" Mindwipe opened one eye a crack to glower at his diminutive partner.

"We've dropped out of hyperspace," Vorath told him flatly.


"And considering your unhealthy obsession with the dead," Vorath explained with an air of the much-put-upon professor who couldn't believe one of his students was so dense, "I thought you might like to see it for yourself. There's a good view of the planet in the drop bay."

"You make...a good point," Mindwipe dropped down from his perch on the ceiling and glided down to the floor. "Shall ve?"

A flurry of moving parts later and Titan Master and Titan became one, with bat unfolding into a body and small robot compressing into its head. The new, combined being took a moment to get it's bearings, then smiled slightly.

"After all, where better to continue my studies than Cybertron, the galaxy's largest graveyard? Ah-ha-ha!"

Drop Bay, Nemesis

"My Decepticons, we have arrived!" Megatron gestured expansively to the force field that formed most of the floor of the room they stood in. "Take a look at our world. Take a good look at what they did to it! Take a look at the ruin that they made of your world!"

Megatron paused. That wasn't right. He didn't talk that way. Those were his thoughts, but not his words.

Are you so sure about that? Doomshot's rich voice echoed in his mind, taunting him.

Silence, worm. Megatron is no one's puppet!

"A team of so-called scientists down on the surface have found a weapon of tremendous power! But that weapon doesn't belong to them! No, it belongs to us. It belongs to me! And nobody steals from Megatron. So we will find them. We will take them. And we will force them to tell us everything they know. And anyone who stands in our way -- like that ship full of Autobots following us in? They will fail, and they will die. And soon, very soon, Cybertron and the galaxy will be ours again!"

Fine words. Inspiring, really. Doomshot's contempt was obvious. Or they would be, if anyone believed a single thing that came out of your mouth anymore.

Shut up.

Megatron slammed his fist into the bay controls and the force field disappeared. The room was suddenly filled with the din of Cybertron's thin atmosphere whooshing by the ship's lower hull, but he didn't care. He just raised his voice to a full-blown shout as he yelled, "Decepticons, attack!" and jumped out of the ship.

As he transformed to jet mode, Megatron felt an instant rush of relief as the connection to Doomshot was severed. Although he wasn't free of the tiresome rat -- he was still riding along in Megatron's cockpit -- he was at least free of the insolent whelp's constant attempts to pressure and influence his mind.

But, sadly, not free of his voice. "Why do you resist our shared mind?" Doomshot asked mockingly. "Could it be that you feel threatened in your own mind? Why, I do believe that's it, yes..."

"You are no threat to me," Megatron barked. "You aren't the first to try and invade my being, and you won't be the last. And like all the others, you will break and become nothing but an extension of my will."

"Oh?" Doomshot feigned surprise. "Is that what's happening? No. No, I don't think it is." The Titan Master smiled. "I think you are the one who shall break. You will either work with me as a partner, like a proper Titan should, or it is you who will become an extension of my will. The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron and it shall do so again...even if that Megatron is me."


Bridge, The Ark

Furos looked up from his tactical console with a glower on his face.

"It's like we thought, sir. The Decepticons are landing troops. Should I open fire?"

His fingers flew across the weapons controls, trying to get a lock on the Decepticon soldiers pouring out of the hangar. But they were too small for the ship's targetting computer to get a lock. As he'd said in the mission briefing, he would have to aim manually and any shots that missed would run the risk of hitting the dig site.

It was a risk that he was willing to take...but it also wasn't his decision. And if he was being honest, he was glad that someone else had to make that call.
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