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Drop Bay, Nemesis

It is time, my lord Sixshot.

Sixshot's red eyes flared to life as the large Decepticon stood up straight. His partner's slightly-accented voice rang in his head, and he nodded. I see.

Megatron's deep growl of a voice reverberated throughout the drop bay, but Sixshot did not pay much attention. Not out of disrespect, for he still followed the Decepticon leader, but simply because... Sixshot did not care much for motivational speech.

He was a warrior. He was born for war.

He needed no motivation beyond Megatron's two final words: 'Decepticons attack'.

"Prepare for disengagement." Sixshot said, as he took one massive step, and another, and leaped out of the drop bay. limbs retracted, wings folded out, his helmet cracked open and Sixshot's Titan Master Revolver found himself inside the cockpit section of Sixshot's starfighter mode, which shot into the arid sky above the Sonic Canyons, accelerating to keep up with Megatron.

Revolver shook his head. Bonding with Sixshot was a bit of a tiring affair, mostly due to how... intense the six-changer was. "So, Sixshot-sama, we are not engaging the Autobot shuttle?"

"Not until the order is given."

"How very honourable." Revolver replied off-handedly, as he looked out of the windows. "Cybertron pretty ruined now."

Bridge, The Ark

"Not unless you have a clear shot." Diac replied to Furos, putting a hand on his chin, and frowned. "We can't risk hitting the civilians on the dig site. I believe we'll have to engage them... directly. We'll have to get down there in a shuttle, and pray that we are not too late."

"If I may, sir." A timid voice spoke up. Diac turned to look at Convex, their current head of the science department. "My bonded Titan is extremely specialized in the art of sniping. Perhaps we could man the targeted artillery cannons abroad the Ark and take out as many airborne adversaries as we could, while you, Furos and any other Autobot soldiers could catch up?"

Diac nodded. "Very well. You have the bridge, Convex. Furos and any battle-ready Autobot, assemble in the shuttle bay." The Autobot leader leaped up into the air, and transformed into a face which clicked into place within Optimus Prime's horned blue helmet. As Optimus Prime's blue eyes flared to life, his mouth was quickly covered by the faceplate that slid into place with a loud metallic shink. "For our planet, we will bring the battle... to them."
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