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Dig Site, Cybertron:


Nightbeat stood there, staring at a heap of rubble. "I just don't get it. I'm a detective, not an archaeologist. I know nothing about this."

"BEEP! BEEP!!!!"

"Give me a crime, give me a MYSTERY! I mean, yeah, uncovering a historical mystery can be fun, I guess, but-"


Nightbeat looked back at his drill mode drone. "No, Roller, there aren't......any......" He trailed off as he looked up. "Oh, slag." He hit his commlink. "I never thought I'd say this again, much less here, but DECEPTICONS! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!!"

Shuttle Bay, Ark:

Pyro stood in Ginrai's trailer section, checking the readouts on one of the wall displays. Everything looked good. The blue-green light of the displays washed over his face as he smiled. Ginrai was young, but massive. The power now at his disposal....

"Pyro?" Ginrai's rough baritone echoed through the speakers inside the trailer.

Pyro bristled. "What did I tell you to call me when we're alone like this?"

"Oh...... Uh, sorry....... Prime."

Pyro smiled. "Much better. What is it, Ginrai?"

"The call has come down from the bridge for all combat ready Autobots to assemble here. And that's us.... Isn't it?"

Pyro shut down the console. "Yes. That is indeed us." He headed out of the trailer. "Ginrai, transform!"

The semi rig and trailer transformed, revealing a massive Titan as Pyro jumped into the air, transforming, becoming a head that looked very much like what Optimus Prime once looked like, back when he was Orion Pax. He locked into the neck, forming the head of the massive Titan. Then the helm flipped up and locked into position, covering the head with a very Optimus Prime like helmet.

Ginrai's optics narrowed, his shoulder cannons online. "The Decepticons shall not with this day. This I swear!"

Tech Bay, Ark:

Stylor looked up as the call came over the intercom. "Looks like that's us, buddy."

Chromedome, sitting in vehicle mode, started his engine. "You're not going to worry about how long it's going to take you to put me back together after the battle?"

Stylor leaped into Chromedome's cockpit, the canopy hissing shut. "Nah. Not yet, anyway. Let's just try not to get too badly messed up.

"Where's the fun in that?" With a roar, Chromedome took off out of the bay, heading for the shuttle bay.
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