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Archaeological dig, Cybertron

"'There are no legends, only poorly recorded historical facts'," Glyph quoted solemnly, over her radio, looking out over the arc-light flooded excavations.

Twenty field archaeologists split into two teams: one team her own, the other working with Drill. All were busy and, as far as possible, quiet. The entrance shaft, just to her left, was sound-baffled, but they still needed to maintain near silence and that meant group radio signals only, which could not leak out due to the depth of the dig.

Drill pushed back his floppy hat, rubbed at his pale green forehead. "Ah, well," he radioed back. "I reckon what we have is a legend, unfortunately."

Side-by-side, the two were of a height, compact and energon-efficient units of similar design origin, one teal and one green. They were both professionals, experienced in field work on many worlds. And they were back home, in an environment that was oddly more alien than many they had been in, filled with danger of their own race's making...

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