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Shuttle Bay, Ark

Diac -- no, Optimus Prime slowed his sprint as he entered the shuttle bay, boarding the first shuttle he could find. Ginrai was already standing by, and other Autobot soldiers were pouring in.

It appears that a Titan bond is not required for you to inspire others so, Optimus. The part of Optimus Prime that was Diac spoke to the part of Optimus Prime that was Optimus Prime.

I am... flattered by those who are inspired by me enough to adopt my look. Optimus Prime replied, his normally unfaltering, ever-confident voice cracking a little. Diac could feel his partner's emotion, and he felt amusement when he realized that the mighty Optimus Prime, legendary leader of the Autobots felt... embarrassment? Pride? Guilt, considering Diac's predecessors? A mixture of those, anyway.

I approve of the version of your old body that he choose. Diac replied, sensing his partner's discomfort. It has a lot of firepower.

Destruction is not always the answer, young Diac. We are better than that.

I am sworn to freedom as much as you are, Optimus. You know that.

"Ginrai." Optimus Prime nodded at the combined form of Ginrai and Pyro. Whatever Pyro's motives are, a word of encouragement never hurts. "It is good to see you are ready for battle."
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