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Cybertron Airspace

Mindwipe followed his fellow Decepticons out of the hangar, converting back to beast mode and gliding downwards toward the dig site.

"It is good to stretch my vings again, blah."

"They wouldn't get so cramped if you didn't spend all of your free time hanging from the ceiling, napping," Vorath reminded him, from his cockpit inside the bat's stomach.

"I am not napping," Mindwipe responded tartly. "I am meditating. Is difference. I am doing productive verk, finding vays to use the energies of the dead to benefit of Decepticon cause."

"It's only productive if you get results," Vorath responded with some fatigue. They'd had this conversation more than once before.

"Aren't you the vun who is alvays saying that disproving false hypothesis as good as proving correct vun? Besides, you have your duties as science officer. Vhat am I to do while you're in your lab? The Nemesis is not built for bats." Mindwipe smiled. "I suspect I vill find much more to occupy myself down here."

"One can only hope we both will."

"On that, you vill get no disagreement."

Megatron saw the Autobot starship drawing closer and tried to steer himself up to engage them. But Doomshot held the jet's control yoke tight, and kept him on target by sheer force of will.

"We have a job to do here, remember? Or have you forgotten all about the Metrotitans and Megatitans hidden below? Does the merest sniff of an Autobot so blind you with rage that your dreams of galactic domination suddenly become less important than petty revenge? We are still Decepticons, yes? Still fighting for a cause, and not just Megatron's hollow ego?"

"Shut up," Megatron told him harshly. "Megatron is the Decepticon cause. What's good for me is good for the cause, by definition. Nothing else matters."

"It's that kind of thinking that got your senior staff to chop your head off and replace it with people like me," Doomshot reminded him. "Not to mention all that talk of bringing back Galvatron. And you wouldn't want that, would you? No, I think not. So keep your mind on the task at hand. It will be time to cut loose on the enemy soon enough."

Bridge, The Ark

A part of Furos still bristled at Diac's order to hold his fire, but he was mature enough to know that the other Autobot was right. They were here to protect the dig team, not bombard them from the air.

After Diac left, he shot a glance at Convex. "Don't let Perceptor forget what our actual mission is. We detected several combiners on the way in. The Ark only has eight minutes over the target area before it needs to retreat, and if our science officer is still aboard when it does the rest of us are going to be in serious trouble."

While he waited for a reply, he radioed his Titan. "Hardhead, we're getting ready to deploy. Make ready for battle."

"I am always ready for battle!" came the indignant reply in his head, in a younger version of his own voice.

"Yes, I know that. Obviously I mean to make sure that the others are ready for battle, and that the shuttle has extra ammunition and munitions stores aboard. We don't know how long this deployment will last."

Shuttle Bay, The Ark

Hardhead rolled in in tank mode, his cannon swivelling from side to side as he surveyed the chaos. Soldiers moved this way and that, running the gamut from grizzled veterans like him to raw recruits clearly uncomfortable handling their own rifles.

Hardhead rolled to a stop in front of a group of the latter, a small gaggle of newly-minted Titan Masters who hadn't even been fully trained in mini-vehicle combat yet.

"You two!" He swivelled his barrel to the left. "Double-check the shuttle's cargo bay. Make sure it has a full complement of energon rations. The rest of you, go down to the armoury and bring up as many extra power cells, artillery shells and ammunition as you can carry!"

The group of youngsters froze for a second, obviously terrified that the ship's head of security was barking orders at them from the barrel of a gun. But one of them recovered more quickly than the others, shouted "Sir yes sir!" and snapped off a salute. The others did the same, then ran off as quickly as they could manage.

Hardhead then rolled forward towards Optimus and Ginrai.

"Sirs," he said, tipping his barrel deferentially. "My security team is making ready. We will not allow the Decepticons to take the science team!"
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