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Default OOC: Mindwipe is so funny to read ahahahah

Cybertron Airspace

"You seem a disappointed." Revolver frowned. "You want to fight the Autobots?"

"I know my duty, Revolver." Sixshot replied, his voice booming within the cockpit of his jet mode. Revolver winced, but he had grown used to his mighty partner's eccentricities. A small price to be bonded to one of the deadliest Decepticons alive. "But, to answer your question, yes. I wish to do battle against worthy opponents. The people on the dig site are mere scientists. Weaklings. Barely worth the effort."

Bridge, The Ark

Convex nodded nervously at Furos. "Of course. Yes, I shall not tardy myself beyond the eight minute time-units allocated, and will join the rest of you momentarily on the surface of our home world."

As Convex spoke, Perceptor's larger Titan body entered the Bridge via a Titan elevator system. Convex leaped into the air, and transformed into Perceptor's head, bonding with his mentor and partner. Perceptor's right eye, the one replaced with a huge targeting system, quickly took a bead on the Decepticons as the Titan moved over towards the targeting console. Perceptor extended his fingers, and gripped the controls scaled for the size of a Titan.

"Calculating trajectory." Perceptor spoke, voice without any sort of intonation or emotion. "Calculating. Firing. Target: Decepticon Leader Megatron. "

The Ark's cannons, aimed to burn holes in where Perceptor approximated Megatron's jet mode engines would be, launched two blasts of intense laser blasts.

Perceptor was already calculating how likely it would harm Megatron. The best case scenario was if Megatron's spark was hit, but that was a mere 3.251% chance, considering how well-armoured the Decepticon leader was. The next-best case scenario was a 3.265% chance that it would rupture a fuel tank and take out the Decepticons directly around him. Of course, Perceptor would settle simply for the 73.349% chance of disabling the Decepticon leader.

Perceptor felt a small, nagging voice on the back of his head moaning in disgust that their shared intellect was being used for the purposes of expediting death, to calculate laser blast trajectories and the like. Illogical. Our current function is termination. Failing that, distraction. Your feelings of disgust is immaterial and irrelevant. Do cease.

We are- I am not meant for this barbaric activity. I am only deigning to do this because there are no any other way to save the civilians. Convex replied curtly, but it's clear that Perceptor simply did not care, for the scientist was already locking on to another target, the six-changer Sixshot, and fired.
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