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Archaeological dig, Cybertron

Kneeling in his trench, Drillshaft carefully teased layers of rubbish apart with his trowel. The conviction that he was onto something had kept him going here, in the first strip trench near the centre of the dig, when the others had moved away.

The near silence was punctuated by the short, painful screech of one of the sudden strata-shifts that had started to worry him. Any metallurgist would be worried to hear slippage as the compacted industrial waste of vorns settled deeper under its own weight towards the Sonic Canyons floor proper, but he was certain that the sound was becoming more regular, more frequent and coming from directly below the dig.

His trowel caught, jagged his fingers. Careless, he thought. I'm listening rather than looking.

Then he noticed in what the trowel had caught and recognised the shape of a cog.

He stood, hearing his locomotory pistons hiss in protest, and radioed: "Find!"
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