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You know what? I'm a fan and even I've had that problem. I wanted a Generations Strafe when the AoE stuff was out, and for months on end whenever I'd walk through a toy section I'd have to take a look at the pile of different Strafes on offer because even I couldn't tell just by looking at the packaging whether it was the one I wanted or not (it never was).
I had some similar experience, and I can't remember for which character - maybe Crosshairs? I'd see the green and black from a distance, get all excited, then... NOPE! It's a one-step power-punching Crosshairs! Boo.

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The one-steps at least seem to be packed in alt-mode, so that's an easy distinction to look for once you know it, but it really doesn't help any parents who are shopping.
Half the time it doesn't even help me, and I feel like I'm a relatively Transformers-informed parent!

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With a name like that, hopefully it means they'll finally make a new Rodimus Prime!
It would be about time! I don't mind getting new Hot Rod toys, but seriously, this guy needs a proper remake by now. It's like Hasbro tries to imagine Rodimus Prime never existed. Kinda like how they pretend he was never pinkish maroon.

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First full pic of Trypticon
That Trypticon is a thing of beauty. I wants it, but will never haves it.

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