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Shuttle Bay:

Ginrai stiffened in salute as Optimus approached him. "Where the Decepticons are concerned, I am always ready for battle."

He then turned to Hardhead. "Excellent, Hardhead. We will stop the Decepticons from achieving heir goals, no matter the cost."

Chromedome rolled into the bay, transforming to robot mode as Stylor transformed to head mode and locked into place atop Chromedome's shoulders.

"Why are there two Primes?"

Stylor mentally went through what he knew about the crew assignments for the mission. "I think that's....... Our heavy support unit?"

"That doesn't answer my question. There are two Optimus Primes. Why are there two Optimus Primes?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, buddy."

Chromedome walked over to the weapon racks, grabbing two laser carbines.
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