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Cybertron Airspace

Stepping out of the hangar, Deathsaurus spread his wings to glide down to the surface. Beside him, the diminuative form of Esmeral linked with Eaglebreast to fly alongside him.

"Look, Esmeral," Deathsaurus said sadly, "look what's happened to our home. I shouldn't have left."

"You did what you needed to do," said Esmeral, maneuvering Eaglebreast next to Deathsaurus's head, "Besides, you couldn't have done anything to prevent that combiner madness. You, of all people, know what an arms race is like."

Cybertron's loss had hit Deathsaurus hard. Esmeral was less sentimental, and had been trying to get her conjunx to focus on looking forward. They hadn't even lived on Cybertron for thousands of years anyway, after all.

"You're right, I know. Unfortunately, guilt cannot be so logically assuaged." Deathsaurus nodded sharply as he finished, a signal for the pair to steel themselves for what lie ahead.


Shuttle Bay The Ark

Sentinel strode into the chaos of the shuttle bay. He spotted Hardhead and stepped off towards him. Early in the war, Sentinel remembered, he'd given Hardhead a medal. One of the few that Sentinel didn't end up regretting. Sentinel had always liked Hardhead, thought him one of the few Autobots who had the attitude it takes to win wars. On the way across the hangar, Sentinel spotted Optimus, and regarded the Autobot commander with a glare of barely disguised contempt.

"Hardhead!" Sentinel called, frowning beneath his faceplate at the scene of a veteran Autobot gesticulating with a tank barrel, "I've been informed that I might be needed for.. whatever it is that's been dug up down there. I have not been informed, however, which of these soldiers is supposed to escort me while we're down there."
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