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Shuttle Bay, the Ark

"Very good, Ginrai." Optimus Prime nodded at his doppelganger, before turning to regard Hardhead as the ship's security officer approached them. "Excellent, Hardhead. Autobots... we will not allow the Decepticons victory this day, and neither will we allow the archaeologists to fall to them. Get ready for deployment!"

Sentinel Prime's arrival to the shuttle bay, and the undisguised glare from the former Autobot leader, was not unnoticed by Optimus. He does not like you- us- very much, doesn't he? The part of Optimus that was Diac mused.

Sentinel is a good leader. He and I disagreed on many things, but he still deserves respect. Envy is an unpleasant beast, however, and in time it seems to have eroded Sentinel's opinion in myself. Diac, it would not do for us to incite conflict.

I do not intend to.

Optimus Prime gave a curt nod in the direction of Sentinel, before turning to Hardhead, Ginrai and Chromedome. "Take the shuttle, Autobots. Time is of the essence, and I will run interference." As he said this, A pair of wings and jetpacks unfolded out of Optimus Prime's back.

You just want to break out the new flight tech.


Optimus' jet boosters activated as he hovered above the ground, while the Ark's bay doors opened fully. "Autobots, roll out!" With that triumphant roar, Optimus shot into Cybertron's night sky, a blazing comet headed towards the small armada of Decepticons descending upon the dig site.
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