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Shuttle Bay, Ark:

Chromedome turned as Hardhead came over to him. His optic band widened slightly at the arrival of Sentinel Prime.

"Oh, great. Him."

"He was a good leader, Stylor."

"Given what he allowed to have happen under his watch, how can you say that?"

"Anyone can lose their way, Stylor. The road to the inferno is paved with good intentions."

"Perhaps. But can't the same argument be made for the Decepticons?"

"None of their intentions can ever be called good. Not after what we've been through."

"VIP detail, Hardhead? Who will I be protecting? Optimus?"

Ginrai watched Sentinel enter the bay as he boarded the shuttle.

"His disgrace stains us all."

"The orange guy?"

"Yes, Ginrai. Sentinel. But no Prime. Not anymore. He never should have been. He was weak. He took the easy way."

"He must have been at some point. Otherwise, they wouldn't have made him a Prime, would they?"

"No one is perfect."

Ginrai took a seat, waiting for the shuttle launch.

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