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Cybertron Airspace

"Affirmative, Doomshot. Be careful up there. I'm sure the Autobots intend to play for keeps, considering the stakes."

"All right, Decepticons!" Deathsaurus bellowed over the comms, "Form up around me! As you can see, our esteemed leader has been injured. We need to get down there, we need to retrieve him, and then we need to clear out that excavation site. When we get there, do what you can to take prisoners, because any intel we can pry out of them could prove valuable. If any of them pose a threat, however, shoot them dead. Whatever we lose in knowledge, we'll gain in making the rest more.. cooperative."

It had been quite a while since Deathsaurus had directly commanded a precise operation like this. While the heat of battle was invigorating, he'd grown surprisingly comfortable commanding from behind the battle lines. He hoped he was still up to the task. Not to mention the new and very stressful variable of fighting with his wife mounted to his shoulders.

"Are you ready for your first taste of conflict, my dear?" he said more privately.

Esmeral hesitated, "I.. think so. I'm excited for the experience. But I also don't remember the last time I was this nervous."

"Heh. Neither do I."
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