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Cybertron Airspace

Megatron let out a roar of incoherent rage as Optimus Prime taunted him, but he didn't turn back. But then he couldn't turn back, since one of his engines were on fire.

Then another barrage of laser fire cut through the air right behind him, coming close enough to blacken his armour.

I'm a sitting duck up here. Which means I need to not be here.

The Decepticon leader took a look at the distance that still remained between him and the ground, then grumbled and said to himself, "I can make it."

So he transformed to robot mode and fell like a rock. A headless rock, at that.

Doomshot responded to Deathsaurus. "Don't worry about me. I'm too small of a target for the ship's guns to hit."

I hope.

"Sixshot, do as much damage to the ship as you can, but concentrate on avoiding damage. We don't need to destroy them, no, we just need to keep them busy until they've moved away from the target zone."

As he spoke, Doomshot fired a gout of flame across one of the ship's targeting sensors, trying to baffle the Autobots' gunner.

Mindwipe smiled when he heard Deathsaurus's instructions. He looked forward to planting his feet on the ground of their ruined homeworld.

"As you command, blah."

The bat tucked his wings in closer, falling into a steep dive as his thrusters kicked in to give him more speed.

Shuttle Bay, The Ark

Hardhead gave Chromedome a mildly disapproving look. "Do you really think Optimus would accept an escort, even if he needed one?"

Although Hardhead respected Optimus Prime both as a leader and a soldier, he did not relish serving with him directly. His usual billet had been in spacedock for refits when he'd been pulled for this assignment, after putting in several years of uninterrupted exploration duty. He'd been blessed on that assignment to have a captain who knew that his place was on the bridge and let his tactical, science and technical teams conduct their planetside operations without interference. And while Hardhead knew that Optimus Prime was more than capable of taking care of himself, he was a high-value target just by his mere presence in a combat zone and made the other Autobots' jobs quite a bit more difficult.

Sentinel, thankfully, was more practical in that regard.

"No, I need you to watch over Sentinel Prime."

Although he wouldn't say so in front of their former leader, he trusted Chromedome would understand the unspoken instruction that he was to both protect the ex-Prime and ensure that he didn't try to do anything that ran against their mission. Because if Optimus was a target, Sentinel was something much, much worse: a wild card. Hardhead respected him for what he'd done in the past, but that didn't mean he trusted him. Sentinel had been out of the game too long, and bringing him along was a sign of just how desperate this mission really was.
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