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Archaeological dig, Cybertron

Driveshaft became more certain of what he had as he carefully probed around the 'cog': it appeared to be cylindrical, each wide tooth actually a groove along its length. It looked like the other, recovered by Fossar and Ramp in the earliest phase of the project, but was a fraction of the size.

All the archaeologists had gathered quickly at the trench, trowels and brushes in hand, and Drill had brought over a padded tray. One of the team was a recording unit and had deployed three camera drones.

"It's embedded," Driveshaft noted as he moved quickly to release his find. "Straight down. There was quite loose material above it. I think I can get it out without compromising anything."

"Do it," a fem returned. She leaned forwards eagerly: Fossar, a delicate symphony in pink and cerise, her 'tyre' wings indicating she had a two-wheeled robot mode configuration.

Glyph concurred. "I think we can already guess where it comes from..."

A few heads turned to glance at the shrouded bier placed near the entrance way, skilled measuring optics noting that this was most likely.

Furiously raking at the detritus, Driveshaft grunted, pulled the find free. He stood, wiped it with a slip of metallic fabric. "Cybertonium. High grade purity by the surface sheen, but I can't say how high grade until we get it to the surface for analysis, which we cannot do with the other one."

"Reckon it's a match, then," Drilled observed, his Earth British West Country drawl very distinctive, even electronically. "And worth a fortune."

"We only need a thin application of frictionless Cybertronium to maintain our tranforming mechanisms," Glyph observed. "This is unprecedented!"

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