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Cybertron Airspace

"Well, that's just embarrassing." Optimus Prime mused to himself as Megatron transformed and crash-landed, a headless robot. The Autobot leader shook his head at his nemesis's honestly quite hilarious fate, before changing his attention, and aimed his barrage canon at Doomshot. He's as dangerous as Megatron is, despite his size.

"Time to join your partner." Optimus Prime said, before pulling the trigger.

"Affirmative, sir." Sixshot replied, before realizing that Optimus Prime had turned his attention to the two of them. Good. He relished a fight -- but orders are orders. Still...

Sixshot launched another barrage from his gun mode at the Ark, but before the blasts hit their mark, the six-changer transformed into his robot mode. Revolver folded and clicked into place onto the port on Sixshot's headless body, and Sixshot's combat helmet clicked into place. The six-changer let out a roar as he grabbed his concussion cannons, and returned fire, intercepting Optimus Prime's bullets before they made contact with Doomshot.

"I would consider this maneuver avoiding damage, sir." Sixshot replied as his optics narrowed. "Come, Prime. Pick on someone your own size."

The Ark

Perceptor scowled. He had launched another barrage of attacks to hit the wounded Megatron (illogical! Why would he transform into his robot mode without his Titan Master?) but the gout of fire from Doomshot added a whole new slew of variables for Perceptor to consider. By reflex, he pulled the trigger anyway, but the shots fired lanced so far out of target that they did not even come close to hitting Megatron or any of the Decepticons with him.

Then Sixshot's second barrage hit the hull of the ship, and Perceptor could see from the computer readings that the assault had torn apart at least two of the Ark's gun batteries. "Status report, helmsman!" Perceptor yelled.

"Forward shields holding at 45%, Perceptor, sir! We can't take much more of that assault. Maybe once or twice, and we'll be forced to retreat!"

"Divert power from the posterior shields and auxiliary engines three through six onto the forward shields." Perceptor rattled off, as part of his brain continued to calculate how to best attack, and decided that Sixshot is the priority right now -- he's close, and big enough to hit compared to the elusive Doomshot. "And start pulling back and get ready to jump back to Athenia the moment Hardhead's group disembarks -- the Ark is not an asset we should be losing for this skirmish."
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