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Bridge of the Peaceful Tyranny, Former Flagship of Tarn

Nickel had finally managed to work the controls with her smaller frame, she was annoyed at how late they were to the call Megatron had given. But Piloting the ship with her smaller titan master frame was the least of her challenges, after Kaon's Decapitation, Tarn vanished during the chaos of the war, Vos was damaged irreparably, stuck in Rifle mode, only good as Her Primary weapon, as a Mercy she put his mind in stasis, Tesarus and Helix Died soon after of Nuke Overdoses while she had been monitoring Kaon's Spark Support, it had taken entirely too long to link up with Decepticon command for her Titan Master upgrade.

Speaking of which, if they were going to Hail the Nemesis and alert Megatron to their presence, they'd have to do it together, with a bit of fear she walked to the Electrical chair that was Kaon's alt mode, it wasn't Kaon himself she feared, it was his mindset, and what she became when hers met it. Kaon had gone quiet since he lost his head, but knew she was there, "Kaon wake the slag up, I need to link up, Megatron needs us." With that he transformed into his robot mode, Nickle took her place as his new head, a set of purple Optics in the place of Kaon's blind blank optics.

When she was first bonded to him she was first assaulted by the last thing he experienced, his decapitation, the pain, the fear, that sense of betrayal... it shook them both to their core. Together they were not quite the Nuke addicted DJD communications office, nor the Diminutive if pushy medic, they were a mess. For convenience they went under Kaon's name when together, Only Nickel knew his real name anyway.

Shaking back into their combined Personality, Kaon walked to the control console and pocketed Vos.

"This is Kaon to Nemesis Control, Reporting in and requesting current mission status, sorry for the delays, it took us some time to reach due to some... technical difficulties, hehehe!"

Kaon chuckled at the thought of a renewed war against the wretched Autobots...

"Oh, I almost forgot, we're not the only pair on here, we have one other Titan Master Bonded team we picked up."


Peaceful Tyranny Crew Quarters

In the mostly empty hauls of the peaceful Tyranny Skullcruncher ambled about in his beast mode, more tamed animal then proper Decepticon, it was rumored that he had been lobotomized, but his master, Grax had not found any evidence to support it in the big lug's blurry memories. Grax himself ran over to his partner from his own temporary quarters on the ship

"Come on Skull, the ship just pulled back into sub light, we better link up to look good for the management."

Skullcruncher growled, he didn't like having Grax in his head, the smaller bot concerned himself over pointless things like, impressing people and profit, instead of things like food and survival.

"Skullcruncher, if you do this, there's a whole ship full of Autobot morsels with your name on them!"

That got the Crocodilian bot's attention, he transformed and let Grax take over, Grax was pretty much in command of the big guy in this state and made for the command bridge to Join Nickle and Kaon.


Minicon class Autobot Shuttle, Nearing Cybertron orbit


Sari cried out, The Technorganic Autobot gesticulated in frustration, it had taken forever for her to Get Bumblebee to leave with her. He beeped in protest at her frustrated that she had answered the call so readily when he was content to stay on Earth where it was safe.

The war had made him become protective of her even though she'd grown into something of a veteran herself, When they boned She thought it would force him to see her as an equal again, and he just thought he;d be able to protect her better, but disagreements aside they were still close.

"Bee I swear you'd have stayed there in protest if it didn't mean losing your head!"

she joked at his expense, taking advantage of the fact he could only beep back at her until they bonded

as the shuttle reached Hailing distance of the ark she flickered her holomatter skin off to ensure she wasn't mistaken for an organic civilian, after a quick doublecheck of her palm blasters and energy blades she started hailing the ship.

"Ark command, Autobot's Bumblebee and "Steelheart" Reporting in. Hope we can help."

Sari had used Steelheart as a prepared alias to avoid seeming too out of place, she had dealt with Autobots in the past thinking her kind were gross. Had the shuttle been big enough she;d have simply let Bumblebee hail them but their head might have breached the tiny shuttle
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