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Cybertron Airspace

Starscream had tailed his 'Illustrious Leader' into the air but had quickly put as much distance between himself and the fire fight as possible, he didn't need to hear the incessant buzzing and screaming of the oafish, annoying, and stubbornly unkillable piece of scrap that Megatron had forcibly bonded to him.

"Uh... Star-botzzz?" came a questioning voice from his cock pit. The little wretch knew better than to touch the controls.

"What is it you buzzing buffoon" the seeker screeched

"Shouldn't we help Megatronzzz?" he asked sheepishly

"Why? He seems quite capable of handling himself." he sneered

"Well if we helpzz him maybe Megatronzzz give us reward?" he asked naively

"... Fine. If this backfires, expect to meet the underside of my boot." he said turning and diving straight down to join Megatron in a dive, though he would take his time to ensure the fire from either side would avoid him.


Scourge was making his way down, pulling close to Deathsaurus on the tip of the spear, the old soldier grinning as Fracas was ready to get into this scrap as well

"Tis been many a cycle since I have seen combat on my old home of Cybertron. I look forward to flexing my servos after so long." he said kicking on his deterrence systems to put out any missile fire tracking him or any cons nearby.

Fracas laughed from the cockpit "You and me both boss." he chuckled.


Dig Site

Brainstorm had found himself drafted into the dig team after a rather nasty kerfuffle with Perceptor over carrying and modifying high explosives in his makeshift lab on the Ark. But thata for another cycle to discuss. For now it seemed that he had Decepticons. And that meant targets to test his new weapons oh joy oh joy!

"What should I use first? The Neutrino Neutralizer? The Anti-Laser? Or perhaps one of my less conventional weapons?"

"Why is it you are so utterly infatuated with testing your bizare weapons at other bots? Teslor asked almost reluctantly

"To see if they work of course!" he said happily bounding out "Who wants to try some experimental tech?" he asked far more giddy than any other bots nearby.
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