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Ooh, I want one. I have the original Overkill and it's not aged terribly well. Honestly I'm just so enamoured with the Headmaster gimmick for this line that a lack of free money to spend is the only reason I haven't bought the entire line.
That's the kicker, right? You get one or two, then the flood gates open (wallet permitting). I've really had to limit my purchases with TR, else I would be broke (and my wife would be furious).

Overkill is pretty darn good. I wish I was more aware at the time, because I picked up Squeezeplay not knowing then that Overkill was coming. I wish I would have waited and saved myself $5.

Sorry for the lack of photos yet on this one, Lione, and Brainstorm. I should be able to post some up for each in the next few days.

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