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Default OOC: Is the dig site on the surface, or underground?

Bridge, Nemesis

The low-ranking bridge crew left behind were far too terrified to answer a hail from a DJD-affiliated starship, so they forwarded it on to Megatron.

Dig Site (sort of)

Megatron hit the ground several miles away from their target zone, his body moving at several hundred kilometers per hour by the time it finally met the ground. Luckily for him, the Decepticon leader had plenty of experience making rough landings. He'd known that his jet mode would be too fragile to survive the crash, having seen what little was left of more than one Seeker who'd lost an airborne duel with an Aerialbot. And his tank mode, while much sturdier, was also far too rigid for the job. The last time he'd been thrown out of a moving vehicle in tank mode, he'd smashed both of his tread assemblies and broken his turret swivel. In robot mode, though? He'd survived more than one ridiculous fall in robot mode.

As he hit the ground and ragdolled down a hillside, though, he reflected that he'd been able to see the last time he'd done this.

As he finally skidded to a stop with a groan, he reflected on the few positives of the situation.

At least I didn't fall far enough to burn off my armour. Not like that first run-in with Jhiaxus...

The headless Decepticon leader took a moment to gather his wits about him. Two sensor pods popped out of his torso on either side of where his neck would normally be. They didn't allow him to "see" per se, but their sonar and radar packages were able to give him a general idea of where he was and what shape his body was in.

The answers to both of those questions were good ones -- he wasn't that far away from the dig site, with a nice stretch of traverseable ground between him and it, and his body was covered in scratches and dents but otherwise mostly intact. Nothing seemed to be broken badly enough to prevent him from transforming, which was a good thing because he was basically useless in this mode until Doomshot deigned to return.

As he finished his self-assessment, he answered Kaon's call.

"This is Megatron. Lock on to my position and join me on the surface. Don't bring your ship in for a landing. That'll be too likely to attract attention from rogue combiners."

As he started to move, his sensors detected Starscream descending towards him and, as always, had to resist the urge to fire on the defiant air commander. Instead, he decided a show of strength was in order and triggered his transformation cog, painfully folding his damaged body up into tank mode.

Cybertron Airspace

Doomshot steeled himself to dodge Optimus Prime's fire, but Sixshot made that unnecessary.

"I appreciate the help, Sixshot, but don't worry about me."

The small red dragon tucked his wings in, swiftly diving down towards Optimus while spewing flame.

"I shall join my partner, yes. But so too shall you!"

The Titan Master aimed to close the gap with Optimus and get close enough to lay his fangs on the other Transformer's flight tech.

Shuttle Bay, The Ark

"Thank you. I know I can trust you to do the job." Hardhead gave Chromedome a quick nod, then ducked into the hatch. He didn't break stride as he answered Ginrai, the ship around them rocking from Sixshot's barrage.

"The sky sleds are made for someone my size, not yours, so it might make for a rough ride. But if you think you can manage it, then by all means."

As everyone filed aboard, Hardhead pushed forward towards the cockpit. "Make ready for takeoff," he told the pilot. "I want us on the surface and ready to fight in five minutes!"

"Aye, sir."
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