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One of the reasons why I'm sad we didn't get a TR Leader Scorponok is because the gimmicks of the size class (Headmaster with a base mode and a helmet that flips down over the TM partner to form the head) are both practically tailor-made for him. Like, I'm sure the Titan will be a great figure for people who want something that big and I'm sure we'll get a not-so-big version of the character for people like me in the future, but what they were doing with the Leaders in this line is such a great fit for the character that it's really disappointing that we're seemingly not getting one. I guess they figured it would eat away at the sales for the Titan, but you'd think those would be totally different markets.

But then I'm equally baffled that they'd do a whole line of triplechanging Voyager Headmasters and not make Apeface and Snapdragon, so obviously there's something I'm missing.

I'm actually quite surprised that we haven't gotten major redecos of any of the Titan figures so far. No Metrotitan, no G2 Devastator, no Grand Maximus or Brave Maximus...maybe they'll go back and do some once they've gotten done with Trypticon, Scorponok and Omega Supreme, but right now I'd be very surprised if they made a Black Zarak (or a Gigastorm from Trypticon).
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