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Peaceful Tyranny: Now parked in Cybertron Orbit

Kaon and Grax marched to the ship's Escape pods, the smaller landing shuttle among the many things they had lost during the fighting, Kaon used Nickles Mechanical skill to calibrate the descent rates for the pods to and target the coordinates at Megatron's position, an eagerness to meet their leader again after so long smoothing over their other issues. Grax was all too happy for a chance to give the Boss a good impression as well while Skullcruncher was just excited to be pointed at some Autobot snacks.

With their Jury-Rigged Drop pods ready, they entered and made planet fall.


Minicon Class Autobot Shuttle, Nearing Cybertron Airspace

Without any Response Sari sent another wave of Autbot Hails, despite her youth she knew better from some bitter experiences then to simply rush in without a plan or idea what your fellow good guys were up to.

"This is Bumblebee and Steelheart to any available autobots, requesting status and prefered landing coordinates"
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