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Cybertron Airspace

I think he's saying you need to keep shooting the Ark, Sixshot-sama.

But the fight is here. Sixshot grumbled mentally, yet he nodded to Doomshot. "As you command." As the smaller Decepticon assaulted the Autobot leader, Sixshot engaged his rocket boots to put some distance between himself and Optimus Prime, before transforming back into his cannon mode, and began charging up again.

"Prime, get to the dig site. We can handle this." Perceptor radioed. He took aim at Sixshot with whatever remained of the Ark's cannons, and fired, timing the blast to coincide with Sixshot's own attack. The two energy blasts impacted and erupted mid-air between the two combatants, not damaging Sixshot yet preventing damage to the Ark.

The Ark's weapons are too damaged to reload properly, which means a longer recharge cycle. Thus, Perceptor needed to time the shots to achieve his current primary objective -- defend the Ark. It appears that the secondary objective, taking down the Decepticon six-changer, is slightly more difficult to achieve now.

"Get back here, Sixshot!" Optimus Prime yelled, trying to discourage the six-changer from attacking the Ark, but Doomshot divebombed him and unleashed a gout of flame. The Autobot leader lifted up his free arm, using it to block the brunt of the attack from hitting his face, but it did scorch and melt a sizable portion of the armour plating around his left arm.

Diac, he is going for your flight tech! The voice that was Optimus, not in nominal control of their shared body, spoke in slight alarm.

In response, Diac commanded the body to transform into his plane mode. As plates moved and body parts shifted, Doomshot would find that his dragon's fangs would sink into the hull of Optimus Prime's plane mode, tearing several chunks off -- damaging, yet not quite disabling. Separated and moving independently, Optimus Prime would angle down towards the Decepticons that are landing on the ground.

As Diac was ejected from Optimus Prime's head, his limbs clicked into place, and the Titan Master brought his fists up as he advanced alongside Optimus Prime's hull towards where Doomshot has landed, magnetized boots keeping him from being blown away by the wind howling around them.

"Doomshot." Diac growled, optics narrowing as his own faceplate, mirroring that of his larger partner, slid into place. The Titan Master's fists retracted and were replaced instantly by two energon blades that glowed bright orange with the energy that coursed through them. "I will tear you apart!" Without Optimus Prime's calming influence, Diac roared as he charged the Decepticon, leaping into the air and attempting to stab his energon blade into Doomshot's dragon vehicle's head.

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