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Dig Site

Starscream came down with a show of grace that he would only permit to himself, though as his Titan Master bonded to him to form his head the shudder of disgust at allowing that recreant imbecile into his body once again would easily be seen by Megatron indicating he still utterly loathed his position.

"My my Lord Megatron, it seems you should look into brushing up on your aerial skills if those Autobot scrapheaps can land so many hits, maybe I could give you some lessons." he laughed as he started taking pot shots at anybot he caught running with his null beams, using them to shut them down non-lethally.

Waspinator meanwhile was being very very quiet because the last thing he wanted was to upset the jet bot he was currently providing the head to so for now he just calmly twiddled his thumbs and tried to point out targets.


Brainstorm had handed out weapons to those who had desired them, keeping the more fun and non-lethal experimental tech to himself. He had decided to try his hand at a weapon that would hopefully sow some confusion amongst the ranks of their foes as he let a few blasts out at the Decepticons that were diving at the dig site, taking aim and sending two at Deathsaurus and Scourge, definitely nailing the latter with a solid hit.

Air Space

Scourge shuddered and shook as the blast hit him but oddly he didn't feel much different, maybe a bit buzzed

"Racas-Fay, Tatus-say eport-ray!" he shouted which just got a confused noise from his partner "Uh, What did you say boss?"

"Racas-Fay, Tatus-say eport-ray!!!" he repeated angry at the fact his partner couldn't understand such a simple command "Boss what the frag are you saying?" Fracas replied causing Scourge to shout

"Eathsaurus-Day, am I amaged-day?" he commed to the commander seeking outside help on this simple request
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