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Deathsaurus veered left as Brainstorm's blast approached, but he was simply to large to avoid the hit, which still managed to graze across one wing. Deathsaurus's beak tersed at Scourge's garbled question.

"Tobot onlethal eaponry o oubt. An't magine wy ey ouldn't oot oo ill."

You've got to be kidding me.

Deathsaurus, with some mental effort, managed to fight though the effect, and was grudgingly impressed that it had worked at all. His ancient body notmally proved incompatible with software-targeting weaponry.

As he approached the ground, Deathsaurus transformed into robot mode, firing his ancillary thrusters to slow his landing. As he hit the ground, Esmeral unlatched from Eaglebreast, which flew to its place on Deathsaurus's chest. Esmeral transformed, docking into Deathsaurus's shoulders, a draconic helmet shifted into place around her, and their two minds became one.

Deathsaurus stood up and got their bearings. They nodded along to Vorath's request to the other Decepticons

"He's right. Defending yourselves takes priorty, but try to dispatch the scientists nonlethally if possible. Once we control the site, Vorath, Esmeral will assist you with your initial examinations until a full dig team can get here."

"How are your speech circuits doing, Scourge? It looked like you took a worse hit then we did."

As they asked, Deathsaurus sent a message over internal comms; "Megatron, this is Deathsaurus. We've made landfall near your impact site. Are you combat operational, please confirm."
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