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Scourge growled and stomped the floor as Fracas stepped away figuring that giving scourge a gun right now wouldn't be well

"Mon-cay mon-cay mon-cay!" he shouted furious that he couldn't shake the weapons effects off "His-tay is a roblem-pay!!!" he screamed looking at Mindwipe and Deathsaurus in an increasingly aggrivated mania before taking a deep breath "Alm-cay alm-cay." he said softly as he relaxed

"I think we'll manage until we can get some time with a doc." Fracas elaborated turning into his partners firearm.


Starscream had to fight literally every circuit in his body not to spit a frothing mad tirade at Megatron after the remark about his head but he simply lowered his weapons and sighed

"No worse than yours My Lord" the seeker spitting the words out like they were phlegm. "Waspinator is a lovely partner. He listens and he knows when to not get in my way." He said with some pride in overcoming his handicap.


Brainstorm snapped his fingers in annoyance that his weapon didn't seem to infuriate the two that appeared to be leading the charge. Well, it hit one but it seemed like he was managing. Perhaps he should switch to weapons that focused more on harassment and area denial. Just not the explodey ones or Perceptor would make him sit through a lecture on why blowing their home up more would be worse than being captured.

For now he swapped out for a nozzle tipped weapon he had dubbed the MARGG, or Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion Gel Gun. He started coating small hidden areas around his part of the camp with the gel and focused the gel on facing outward through a control panel on the chasis of it.

He would wait for the cons before setting the gel off and hopefully throwing them away or pinning them to the ground.
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