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Default OOC: Oooooh Megatron got burned

The Ark

"They trying to distract you from the shuttle, Sixshot-sama." Revolver said, gripping his larger partner as another of the Ark's turrets impacted with perfect timing onto the concussion blasts from Sixshot's cannon mode. "Why don't we go for direct strike? Like we practiced."

"Very well." Sixshot transformed into his robot mode, connecting once more with Revolver, feeling the smaller Decepticon's expertise flowing through his mind. Jet boosters engaged, and Sixshot shot towards the Ark, spinning around mid-air to dodge a pair of laser blasts from the Ark's battery.

Then Sixshot moved, and to the blind eye it would seem like he briefly disappeared, and he reappeared in six places, all six charging towards the Ark's gun batteries from different angles.

Illusion? No. Hard light projection. Slightly more difficult to tell apart... but not for me. Perceptor's monocle focused as it picked apart the electromagnetic spectrum. Hard light projection is far more difficult for people without as much sensors as Perceptor to tell apart -- they can throw a punch or two, they have some mass, they cast shadows... yet they aren't truly solid, not really. Perceptor quickly identified the real Sixshot from his five doppelgangers, and jerked at the gun controls to aim at the six-changer.

But where Perceptor's mind and fingers worked quickly, the Ark's systems did not. The gun batteries were merely halfway through their rotation and targeting sequence when Sixshot slammed onto the gun batteries, launching several blasts of concussion energy at point-blank range.

Perceptor winced. He did not need to look at the readings to note that the Ark was crippled offensively. There were other artillery turrets, of course, weaker ones, but Sixshot got their main cannons. "Disengage and pull back to Athenia, Captain." Perceptor said. "Put all available energy onto forward shields. I'm going hunting."

Saying this, Perceptor stood up, unslung the sniper rifle from where it's attached to his back, and walked up to the Sky Sleds that Hardhead had pointed out before.

Good technique on the Shadow Clones, Sixshot-sama.

Not enough. They lasted only for two, three seconds, and barely distracted the Autobot gunner. Sixshot pulled away from the Ark as its forcefield hummed to life. The large Autobot ship was visibly moving back to orbit, too. His objective was to cripple and not destroy, anyway, and the six-changer looked around for his prey -- Optimus Prime is too far away, and so has the shuttle departed.

Sixshot transformed into his jet mode, and swooped down, making a beeline for the closer target: the shuttle.

"Well, you're a beginning practitioner of the arts of ninjustu." Revolver said as he found himself sitting inside Sixshot's cockpit once more.

"Metallikato. Why can you not refer to it by its proper name like everyone else?"

"The arts of ninjutsu is known by many names, but its principle is the same -- true power comes from within your spark." Revolver said. "Of course, for now, you have power from your two big hypersonic cannons, so you can rely on them while you train."

Cybertron Airspace

(OOC: IRON OX hahahaha )

Optimus Prime made no sound, but felt part of his wing melt away under Doomshot's assault. It wasn't anything critical, though, for the Decepticon let go of it in the face of Diac's assault.

"How long before you yourself is consumed by the maelstrom that is Megatron's mind, Doomshot?" Diac growled. "You will find that at the end of this day, you'll be the one that's broken -- one way or another!"

Diac's swing missed Doomshot's dragon completely as it folded into a tyrannosaur, which spat out venom. Diac's boots attempted to magnetize onto Optimus's wings, but the sight of the venom caused the Titan Master to swing his energon blade wildly mid-air. The heat from the blades burned away a fair amount of the potion, but a not insignificant amount landed on Diac's face. Mercifully, it missed his right optic, but it burned into his left eye, which clamped shut and automatically deactivated in response to the venom.

The force of Diac's impact with Doomshot's ride far exceeded the strength of his magnetic boots, and knocked the Autobot off from his Titan partner. More of a reflex than anything, Diac attempted one last stab at Doomshot, but his blade bit thin air before he tumbled down into Cybertron's night sky.

His last thought before the world spun all around him was: I need to get one of those.

"Diac!" Optimus Prime yelled, as he quickly put himself into a nosedive. The Prime's plane mode was far from being maneuverable, however, being intended to transport troops and resources as opposed to making sharp jukes in mid-air, but Prime tried his best, angling himself almost vertically as he shot down after his Titan Master partner, using their mental bond as a guide to track down the falling trajectory of his partner.

Indeed, there were many that were lost. Hi-Q, Apex, Convoy, Iron Ox, Sparkplug, Barrel-Roller, Supremus, Optronix... the names Doomshot spoke of aren't even half of the Titan Masters that were lost. Lost to the vastness of my mind. I am NOT losing another one.

As Optimus Prime banked down hard to reach where Diac is tumbling, the Autobot leader could feel panels groan in protest at the sudden change. In response, Diac retracted his energon swords, and in their place two large hooks deployed. Optimus Prime winced -- well, not really, for he had no eyes in his vehicular mode, but the sentiment was there -- as Diac's energon hooks seared into Optimus Prime's hull. They helped Diac attach himself to the larger Autobot, but the hooks were meant to maim, and maim Optimus they did.

Not that that was their main concern now, of course. They were tumbling on a free-fall course down towards the dig site.

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