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Oh hey look at Twin Twist, Quick Switch and... Nautica in the background?

Originally Posted by Warcry
Like, I'm sure the Titan will be a great figure for people who want something that big and I'm sure we'll get a not-so-big version of the character for people like me in the future, but what they were doing with the Leaders in this line is such a great fit for the character that it's really disappointing that we're seemingly not getting one.
This, this. I mean, I'm not complaining too much about the leaders we actually got because Powermaster Prime and Sixshot, plus as much as I feel it's redundant considering the amount of Soundwaves in the toyline people do like Soundwave and Blaster... but all things considered I'd rather have Scorponok in the toyline where it's focused on Headmasters.

Also, yeah, I'm slightly surprised that neither Takara or whoever is in charge of Platinum Edition toys to not have made at least Brave/Grand Maximus yet, or repainted Devastator and Metroplex.
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