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Riskin' it all on my Russian Roulette!

Sky-Sled, plummeting towards the Dig Site:

Gravity, a wise man once said, is a harsh mistress.

And right now, Ginrai couldn't agree more.


"Calm down."

"WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!"

Ginrai, twice as large and at least twice as heavy as the standard Titan, stood balanced on one leg on the sky-sled, controlling it as best he can with one hand and holding one of his rifles in the other. The sky-sled was managing to keep this from being a terminal plunge, but it was a near thing.

Still, they were going to impact near the dig site fairly hard.........



"Stop panicking. There's Megatron AND Starscream. And we will stop them. Right here. No matter the cost."

Ginrai's hand made some small adjustment to the sky-sled's controls, and the plunge steadied a little as he aimed his rifle at Megatron and opened fire.

Dig Site:


Nightbeat climbed into the driver's compartment in Roller, tapping controls. "I know that's Megatron. I also know we don't have a chance of stopping him. But if that shuttle, the dogfight, and what looks like Optimus Prime plunging towards us is any indication, all we have to do is keep Megatron busy for a few minutes."

Roller switched from drill mode to flight mode. Nightbeat looked at the power indicators for the small lasers mounted on Roller's wings. "And yes, I know we're not going to do more than annoy, but we have to try, don't we?"

With a hum of anti-gravs, the little jet lifted into the air, and took off towards where Megatron had come down.
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