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Archaeological dig, Cybertron

"A legend..." Drill sent directly to Glyph.

Driveshaft, who had clambered up from his trench, took the tray from Drill and, with a grin, ambled away to the steeply-sloping shaft that the team had arduously dug through the layers of waste until they hit the dateable level for which they had sought. He was shadowed by Fossar and the recording mech.

"More than ever, I would like to know how the in absentia Autobot Council had data on this," Glyph eventually replied. "They directed us straight here."

Drill could detect his colleague's thoughtful expression even if most of her face was covered by a fixed mask (to prevent contamination during digs and working both ways, he assumed). Like himself, she had been happy with their commission until the point when the larger unit had been located, by resistance scan, almost directly below where they were currently standing; they had expected to find wreckage, not an apparently complete mech, albeit a headless one.

"We have not, I believe, been given all the salient information. We must consider that, in addition to our quite perilous position here, on Cybertron, there will be further danger once we leave with artifacts that prove we have, quite possibly, found the first Combiner."
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