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You can absolutely play Broadcast if you'd like!

And this actually raises a point that I'd discussed with the other staff, but I don't think we'd ever mentioned to the rest of you -- the Titan bodies are mostly built rather than "born", so there's actually no reason why we couldn't have multiples of the same body running around as different characters. So for example, if someone showed up later and wanted to play Blaster while you're using Broadcast, that would be totally fine just as long as they had a character concept that was different enough to yours to make them distinct. The same logic applies to stuff like Ginrai and Optimus (though our Optimus wound up in the Voyager body so it was a moot point), or Wolfwire/Weirdwolf, or whoever. Basically as long as they're clearly different people and the names are different enough that it doesn't confuse anyone, it's fine.

Galvatron should be fine too, but please drop me a PM just to let me know what you're planning to do with him. Since he (usually) used to be Megatron, and I've got Megatron running around too, I just want to make sure we're on the same page backstory-wise.
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