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Cybertron Airspace

"It is I who shall consume that fool Megatron," Doomshot scoffed at Diac. "And he knows it!"

As he and the Autobot Titan Master fell away from each other in separate directions, the tiny purple dinosaur smiled to himself. Not because he thought he'd killed his opposite number -- Optimus Prime would never let that happen, and nor would he crash with lethal force and kill himself -- but because he knew his minor victory would serve to further antagonize his own Titan partner.

If I'm honest with myself, I envy Diac having a partner who isn't infinitely hostile towards him. This would go much easier if Megatron would only listen to me, yes...

As he free-fell, the dinosaur unfolded back into dragon form and Doomshot's wings snapped open, allowing him to glide down gently towards Megatron's position.

Dig Site

"Bah!" Megatron barked. "I am always ready for battle, Deathsaurus. Do not presume to think that this...minor inconvenience has tested my limits."

The Decepticon leader seethed inwardly as Starscream's retort. His own head was, of course, infinitely better than his insolent air commander's...but he would never admit that, and Starscream knew it. Thankfully, he was saved from the need to respond by Ginrai's cannon fire obliterating the landscape around them.

The Decepticon leader responded in kind with a blast from his fusion cannon, but his main gun was meant to deal with ground-based foes, not quick-moving aerial ones...even ones who were three sizes too big for the vehicle they were trying to ride. He doubted the fusion blast would score even a glancing blow.

"Starscream, deal with this fool!" He caught sight of Doomshot gliding in. "My own head has nearly arrived, so when you inevitably fail I will be there to bail you out yet again."

When Kaon and Grax arrived, he greeted the other two Decepticons with a "nod" of his cannon barrel. "You have been absent for far too long," he told the interrogator. "I will expect an explanation...later." He scowled. Something about the DJD officer seemed...wrong, but he couldn't place it. "But at least you're here, which is more than the I can say for the rest of my vaunted secret police."

Then he looked over Grax. "I have no idea who you are, but you seem sturdy enough. Secure the perimeter against intruders while the rest of us deal with that gigantic idiot who thinks he's Optimus Prime."

"Thank you," Vorath said to Deathsaurus.

Mindwipe gave the slowly calming Scourge a look that was equal parts sympathy and curiosity.

I vonder how this vas done to him...

"Blah, if you vant this dealt vith sooner," he told Fracas, "find a safe spot and I can cure him wia hypnosis. Probably."

Vorath nodded proudly, glad to see that his partner was learning not to assume success in unfamiliar circumstances.

Though I'm not sure I would let anyone who talks like this into my speech centres...

Autobot Shuttle

Hardhead was glad that no one seemed keen to talk to him after his decidedly unrousing speech. He simply stared through the shuttle's windscreen and watched the surface grow closer. Soon, very soon, they would land and charge out to meet the Decepticons in battle.
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