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Brainstorm felt himself pause as the distinctive form of Optimus was seen falling like a rock in the sky and he felt himself worry for his safety ever so briefly before sighing

"Oh frag it all this is going south quickly." he said launching his head off and transforming into his jet mode, Teslor landing atop him with the MARGG next to him, the scientist lined up his trajectory and bolted off. This flight would put him very close to the heart of the fighting but if he could soften the or even negate Optimus's fall, well he'd have to admit he would feel alot better.

Flying as hard as his thrusters could manage he soared overhead of Megatron and between him and Doomshot

"Teslor now!" he yelled as the Titan Master quickly hefted up the gun and sprayed the ground where Brainstorm had estimated Optimus would land, quickly hitting a repulsion field that would push up moderately.


Starscream didn't pause to take the chance to disconnect Waspinator from his shoulders and violently catch him in his cockpit, taking flight with flair and rushing to meet Ginrai

"Alright you behemoth, lets see you deal with a master of the skies!" he yelled letting a barrage of rapid laser fire loose upon him.

Scourge shook his head in a dismissal of Mindwipe as his head already felt like somebody had pumped it full of circuit speeders and the thought of trading one speech issue for another made him rather uneasy.

For now he pushed forward silently, Fracas clutched in his hand tightly.
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