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Skies near the Dig Site:

Had events not taken the turn they just had, Ginrai and Pyro would be having words soon. But alas, the fickle hand of fate had Megatron roll on the punch location table this day after rolling double boxcars on his to hit roll.

The blast from the fusion cannon arrowed towards the Titan, whose path through the air could be less described as aerobatic, and more described as a straight line plunge.

Ginrai had enough warning to try to angle the sled back, but it was too little, too late. The high energy burst slammed into the Titan's head, directly into the gap through which the head mode Pyro would be able to see out of the armored helm of Ginrai's robot mode.

Ginrai's whole world became one of agonizing pain, as if a star had suddenly formed within his head and decided to go supernova. The massive Titan was catapulted off of the sky-sled and plunged to the ground with all the grace of a boulder falling off a cliff.

Fortunately for Ginrai, he was unconscious by the time he landed.
Sky-Sled Bay, Ark:

"What a DUMP!" Firedrive scowled down at the planet below. "Why did I even have to come along for this? This isn't my war, old man."

The sleek looking sports car parked on the deck gave an annoyed growl. "If you hadn't stolen me, Firedrive, you wouldn't be here right now. But since we're bonded-"

"Don't remind me. Biggest mistake I ever made." The young Titan Master snorted in disgust. "All right. Let's get down there."

He leapt into the air, transforming into head mode as the car transformed into a lanky, long limbed Autobot and locked into place as his head.

Hot Rod smirked as he jumped onto one of the sky-sleds and rocketed out of the bay with a howl of pure excitement.
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